Frequently Asked Questions

You might be curious about how to handle our cheeses since they are cashew based. You might also have other questions about our products and process. Our most frequently asked questions are here. If you don’t get a question answered here feel free to ask it.

Why is the minimum number of sauces I can order set to four?

Due to our special cold pack packaging our container holds exactly four jars of cheeze sauce. For cost efficiency and proper 2-Day shipping methods we require the four sauce minimum.

Why are the shipping options not guaranteed unless they are 2 days or less?

We do not freeze the product for shipping, as this would alter the taste and texture of the sauce and so we attempt to deliver our sauces to your door within a strict 48 hour window. With 2 day or less shipping we can be sure through the carrier that the product will arrive on time. However if you choose a regular shipping this control is out of our hands and so we cannot accept responsibilty if you choose these methods. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Your Cheeze prices seem high why is that?

Currently we are processing all orders by hand and hand delivering your packaged product directly to the carrier. Due to our strict time limit the cost for shipping is high. We are working on better ways to save cost. If you live in Atlanta, Asheville or Knoxville you can find us at your local Whole Foods and skip the shipping.

Can I choose which sauces come in my 4 pack?

Yes you can choose our Custom pack. Once you have the custom pack in the cart use the "notes" section of the checkout process to list the sauces a quantities you desire.

With the strict 2 Day shipping window what happens if I order between Thursday and Sunday?

Orders placed after Wednesday will not ship until the following Monday to insure prompt delivery within the 48 hour window.

Your sauces are showing as out of stock?

Cheeze sauces may go out of stock occasionally if order amounts are too great to insure we can prepare batches in a timely manner. Demand is high!

Can I freeze Vegan Valley Cheezes?

Yes, you can they will stay in the freezer for a long period of time. Note that once they are thawed some seperation of water will happen simply stir to mix again. NOTE: with the new glass jars you will find more sauce inside the container. It is recommended that if you are going to freeze it you should remove a portion as when the cheeze sauce freezes is will expand and can shatter the container.

Are your Cheezes processed in a large facility?

No, our cheezes are packed by hand and so they are made to order. Our processing is minimal.