This is a map of FedEx services from our location in East Tennessee. The red indicates one-day ground, the blue represents 2 days’ ground everything else will have to be second day air or overnight due to time constraints to keep the integrity of the product. (We are looking at 48 hours cold.) Due to the fact that FedEx cannot guarantee ground services we ask that you  choose accordingly. We want to be sure you receive the product as soon as possible while keeping costs in line. It is out of our control once it leaves our hands so be wise in choosing delivery options especially when the weather is not optimal.

The base to Vegan Valley sauces are cashews so there is no dairy in the process and even if the product arrives warm it will be ok to consume. We are concerned for quality at all stages of our process and we trust you understand this. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.